Sunday, February 27, 2011

What we learned from Justin

前一晚看了好幾遍 "baby" 的 MV
隔天早上母子充滿兩性教育真諦的對話 --

S: So what happened at the beginning?
E: The girl pushed Justin away.
S: What did he do then?
E: He followed her everywhere, singing and dancing and calling her baby.
S: And then?
E: In the end she went out with Justin. She also smiled at him.
S: Exactly! That's what men need to do to win a girl's heart. You can't give up too easily.

也有服飾打扮方面的領悟 --

S: Did you notice what he wore?
E: ...
S: He wore a shirt! A shirt with collar! Not one of those casual crew neck T shirts!
E: ...
S: Did he wear 運動褲 or running shoes?
E: No...
S: From now on that's what we're going to do. We're gonna let you wear real shirts and jeans and cool shoes.

We'll see.


6 said...

他为什么会同意跟你一起看MV的? @@

Shopatriot said...

所以 Ethan 對他其實已經好奇了很久
還問過我認不認識他 (我巴不得啊)
昨天 Josh 到我們家玩
順便把他媽 iPad 上 (經他苦苦要求...) download 的 MV 播給大家聽
至於 Josh 本人已經聽得熟到會跟著唱了
音還很準! :D