Tuesday, September 13, 2011

母子真情對話 -- 扭曲的人生觀

母: 下午 uncle 宏一就要到了,所以媽媽要先去化妝,你去練琴不要鬧我,OK?

子: OK. I know you need to 化妝 because you don't want to look ugly when we have guests in the house.

母: Uh... that's right. Let me ask you this -- do I really look ugly without make up?

子: No, you're actually OK; not too ugly, but you look much prettier with some make up.

母: I see. Now let me ask you another question. What would you say if I go out with you without any make up?

子: I think I'd be OK; but it's just a little bit embarrassing. Don't you think you'd be embarrassed by that, too?

Umm... I guess I should be... But what happen to NATURAL BEAUTY???!!! :-D

附幾張超級 embarrassing 照片
看 Ethan 的表情好像有一隻巨大的蒼蠅停在他頭上
Well, at least it's one with proper make-up.

So which one is worse --
一個沒化妝可是舉止妥當 (i.e. age-appropriate) 的媽媽
或是一個化了妝可是窮畢生之力 embarrass 小孩的媽媽?

士可殺不可辱啊! :-D


Gigi said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah! #2!!!

可可洛洛妈 said...

E帅 so calm and so cool!

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Gigi said...

可是我遇到的台湾人都很直啊! 为啥呢?

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littlelittlefish said...

hahaha, both of you are SO cute!!!